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Unique practitioner only nutraceuticals, formulated using leading-edge research and traditional evidence to obtain optimal clinical results.
Magnesium Diasporal
About Us


Bio-Practica is an Australian owned practitioner only brand, which was founded by expert health practitioners dedicated to empowering and supporting healthcare professionals in their clinical setting with innovative integrative and complementary therapeutic solutions.

We believe in drawing upon all levels of available evidence – traditional use, clinical experience, robust scientific research – thereby developing a comprehensive, holistic approach to natural medicine, remaining at the forefront of healthcare solutions.


Bio-Practica Support

Practitioners Registration

Register with  Bio-Practica to have access to practitioners education, clinical tools, detailed product information.

Registration is open to Australian and New Zealand qualified healthcare practitioners and students who are currently completing studies in ingestive therapies.

Registered practitioners will have access to:

  • Advanced education
  • Clinical Tool
  • Marketing Support
  • Practitioner Assistance
Bio-Practica Support

Practitioners Enrichment

Bio-Practica providing healthcare professionals with a unique practitioner enrichment program, which includes:

  • Advanced educational events
  • Practical clinical tools
  • Insightful marketing support.
Bio-Practica Support

Advanced Eduction

Bio-Practica offers a range of innovative educational events that incorporate our philosophy of Tradition + Evidence, highlighting new clinical assessment techniques and novel insights into addressing health issues commonly seen in clinical practice.

The range of regularly conducted events include:

  • Seminars
  • Webinars
  • Workshops
Bio-Practica Support

Practitioner Assistance

For advice and support in prescribing Bio-Practica product, we have a dedicated practitioner assistance line.

We take great pride in providing quality, friendly technical and product information to our practitioners on our complete range of medicines.