Practitioner Only Advanced Education & Resources

Bio-Practica is committed to supporting complementary medicine practitioners to develop their knowledge and skills to tackle the major health challenges facing their patients today.

To support this commitment, Bio-Practica offers a variety of educational events that are available online or face-to-face. All of these educational events and associated resources are available through The Bio-Practica Learning Hub.

By signing up to The Learning Hub 12-month subscription, you will gain: 

  • Access to our library of educational webinars over the course of your 12-month subscription.
  • Access to informative educational content that you can share with your patients 
  • Invitations to our upcoming seminars where you can connect with and learn from industry-leading experts in fields as diverse as gastrointestinal health, immune function, stress management, endocrine health, nutritional wellbeing and children’s health 
  • Technical support from our practitioner assistance team who are ready to answer your questions 
  • CPE points accredited through ATMS, ANPA, CMA, NHAA, ANTA and ACA for attending our seminars and webinars