Sustainable Packaging Policy


Sustainable Packaging Policy

Packaging plays an essential role in safely delivering our products to customers and consumers.

Bio-Practica is committed to developing and adapting packaging that:
• Provides optimal protection of our products
• Supports continued business viability
• Reduces material consumption and associated environmental impacts
• Maintains the quality, hygiene and integrity of our products
• Reduces packaging waste and optimises recyclability or reuse.

In a continued effort to reduce our impact on the environment, Bio-Practica aims to:
• Integrate the Sustainable Packaging Principles into to the design process of new products
• Continually review and improve our processes with the intent to reduce our impact on the environmental
• Consider Sustainable Packaging Guidelines (SPGs) in the review and evaluation of new and existing products
• Maintain Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation (APCO) membership
• Report on actions taken to implement the SPGs

Bio-Practica is a signatory to the Australian Packaging Covenant and is committed to working towards established targets, with the aim to reduce the environmental impacts of consumer packaging.