Bio-Practica Formulations – 

based on leading-edge research and traditional evidence to obtain optimal clinical results.

Our premium evidence-based product ranges include:

Bio-Practica Practitioner Essentials – delivers a fundamental range of nutrients and herbs, essential for every practice, supporting health and wellbeing.  This range assists with maintaining, balancing and optimising general function, by supporting cleansing, repairing, detoxifying, antioxidising and supporting immune health, and energy production.

Bio-Practica Clinically Trialled – includes products with ingredients that have been individually tested in clinical trials or where an entire product has been tested in scientifically approved clinical studies.  Clinically Trialled offers formulations to support and maintain specific systemic balancing processes, healthy metabolism and cellular defence mechanisms.

Practitioners can be assured that Bio-Practica are striving toward the highest possible quality of the products.

  • Bio-Practica’s herbal containing formulas are all manufactured in Australia.
  • Manufactured in Australian GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certified facilities which are the most rigorous world-wide, ensuring the highest quality products.
  • In line with GMP standards, each herb has its own specifications and certificate of analysis which are checked against every raw material and are laboratory tested prior to manufacture, ensuring no risk of adulteration of any herb.
  • After manufacture, Bio-Practica formulas are thoroughly tested for stability of all ingredients for the shelf life of the formula.
  • The herbs are sourced from reputable global raw material suppliers.
  • Excellent quality and standardised for actives.
  • Tested for purity and quality.

Further Development of Bio-Practica Formulas – since 2013 we are working towards introducing product lines to strengthen our commitment in providing innovative, premium quality, evidence-based formulations that cater to all healthcare professionals.

Practitioner Only

Bio-Practica formulations are only available through qualified healthcare practitioners.  Retailers may only provide our formulations based on receipt of a script from a qualified healthcare practitioner.

Local Ordering

Healthcare practitioners can order from their local approved distributor or by contacting your local Bio-Practica Territory Manager in Australia and New Zealand.