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Well Woman is an All Day Symposium (7 CPE) that will look at the multi-generational view of women’s reproductive, emotional & mental health.

Bio-Practica has brought together expert International & Australian speakers including; Professor Jürgen Vormann, Rachel Arthur, Vanessa Hitch & Dr Thomas Harris.

The Symposium will be held in October 2017 around Australia and New Zealand.

Check the seminar dates in your state and book earlier.


Latest research on positive female biology:

  • Enhancing cell receptor sensitivity for better systems communication
  • Female brain changes in the hormonal milieu
  • Mood management for changing hormones

Part 1: The latest evidence of mineral imbalance in disease & effects of female reproductive health

Prof Jürgen Vormann
International speaker & world expert on magnesium & pH presenting

  • Learn NEW RESEARCH on the metabolic impact of hidden mineral imbalances

Part 2: Acid-base balance for women in coping with stress & metabolic challenges

Rachel Arthur
Expert naturopath presenting

  • Get the opportunity to Clinically address acid base imbalance as a critical determinant of health with a profound therapeutic ripple effect.

Part 3: Mood, anxiety & female hormones

Vanessa Hitch
Hormonal health expert & naturopath presenting

  • Explore vital new research changing the way we look at the brain and hormones

Part 4: Receptor sensitivity, stress & inflammation in hormonal health

Dr Thomas Harris
PhD researcher & clinician presenting

  • Look into NEW TREATMENT STRATEGIES for improving receptor function for progesterone, insulin and other key hormones.